Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two Pictures To Make Mom Proud

Like every good uncle i need to throw in a picture here and there of my adorable little girls here and there. I know Baby Giada is only a few months old but she already seems to be developing into quite the lovely little Dal Santo. In this picture she seems to be displaying that famous "Whats the matter with you look" ala Dal Santo style...and of course Gabriella is looking as cute as ever. (Dont think we forgot about you...not until the next kid comes out)

My friend Debbie who took this picture at a party last weekend has named it "The Effects Of Alcohol" Pretty good dont you think...

...I sure hope you can tell this is me posing (How many people sleep with their tongue hanging out like that?)

1 comment:

  1. Actually I thought you really had passed out. I've seen people do some weird things in their sleep so the tounge hanging out isn't really all that odd.