Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6,000 miles from home and i still have to go to an 80s party...

Seeing as my camera was liberated from me a few weeks ago, i have been without any new pictures for the last month. So as new pictures are hard to come by, i have had to resort to a blog entry about a party we had over a month ago.

This was a going away party for our dear friend/mother Nancy. Seeing as she has a profound love all things 80s, the girls decided that the party would have an 80s theme. We had a great time at this party trying to out do each other with our outfits. To make a long story short, in the end we all ended up looking like a bunch of idiots.

Either way we all had a good time, we gave our dear, dear friend Nancy a great send off. I hope you enjoy the pictures...

My roommate Ryan looking great as always. Imagine riding on the subway with this guy on the way to the party dressed like this...

Me taking a picture of the girls...Photo credit goes to Crystal for a great pic.

Me and my future sister-in-law Mariana...I love her so much...she needs to marry someone in the family...

Me holding
the Birthday Girl, aka Nacny.

Me and Bret looking tough...ya right!

Got to love the group shots. I rock that bad cut off shirt.

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  1. Hey look! You look very 80's. And you didn't even have to change your current hairstyle. :P JK.
    Looks like fun. But we don't need pictures to go along with EVERY story. We would love to hear about anything you do.