Monday, February 8, 2010

Me 1 Buenos Aires 1

So by now you all have read about how i ever so smoothly avoided getting robbed the other night on my way home. After that i was on top of the world, feeling like no one could touch me...well this city finally got the better of me.

I was coming home from Lunch at Cinthia's house after the meeting on Sunday. I decided to walk to ten blocks back to my house because inbetween our houses was the famous San Telmo Street Fair. If you have junk to sell, music to play, songs to sing, or crazy things to perform for people in the street this is the homeland. This was not the first time i had been to the fair and nor will it be the last. Basically what it is, it that on Sundays Defensa street in old San Telmo is closed to traffic for about 15 blocks from the Plaza de Mayo all the way until about the Plaza Dorrego. All aong the sides of the street artisans and craftsmen set up small tables and booths to sell their various goods. Also lining the streets are a great many street performers, from people playing Tango music, to people who sing, to painters, to Tango Dancers, to crazy people with charts that depict in great detail the Bibles calculations that the end of the world is coming in 2014 (It is true!!!) you have everything. Of course this is a big draw for turists that come to the city and locals alike. That being the case its not the kind of place that you want to leave your bag unattened or anything like that. But as always i was fully confident that i would be fine, and didnt give it a second thought. I just was my normal paranoid self, and i came home thinking nothing spectacular had happened. It was not until 6 hours later when i was in the subway going to play soccer (Thats right i played with Argentines and lived to tell about it!) that i looked in my bag and noticed that my beautiful little Canon camera was gone. Someone had swiped it clean with the little padded blue bag it was in from out of my bag while it was on my shoulder. This guy who took my camera for as much i wanted, and still do want to kill him, deserves an award from the international pickpocket association for best move of the year for this one. I had felt nothing during the day and i know i had my arm over my bag for almost the entire time i was at the fair. But nonetheless he still got it from me.

This episode just goes to show that pride is before a crash, and that vigilance is not always enough. While i am mad that i have to spend the money and buy a new camera, i am more upset that now for the rest of my time here i will not have a camera to capture the glorious moments that happen here. I will not be able to post them here to share them with all of you. I will try to use the cameras of others and have them send me the pictures that they can. So all i can say now is, I hope you are enjoying my camera, you jerk!

You win this round Buenos Aires,


  1. Aww Dominick, Im sorry that happened to you. =( Thats not fun. You don't have a cheap backup camera with you? Can you get a cheapy digital somewhere in Buenos Aires? I can ask a friend of mine that lives there where you can get a good deal if you like.

  2. Forget that track that sucker down and take back what rightfully yours!! Although sara's suggestion is more practical.

  3. Isn't the world supposed to end in 2012?
    Send me an email with your address, I will mail you your invitation soon.