Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Concert...always good!

Last Saturday we decided to take advantage of the fact that in the summer here there are so many things do that are open to the public for free. One such event that was sponsored by the city was a series of free concerts in a Futbol stadium. After losing a few people at the last minute, me Jessica, and my roommate Jon boarded the bus bound for the stadium.

We got there in time to see the second band, Zoe from Mexico playing the last half of their hour long set. The poor guys. Their music was something reminiscent of U2, The Rolling Stones, Green Day all rapped together. They played a half way decent show, but the crowd of Argentines' general dislike for any Spanish speakers other than Themselves and Spaniards lead to there being quite a subdued atmosphere while there were playing.

That all changed as soon as the headlines took the stage. From our seats in the upper sections (See Pictures) i saw the large huddle mass of people begin to come to life as they waited to hear their hometown favorites. As the roadies tore down the last bands gear and brought out the closing act's gear, the previously static mass of human matter that was the crowd, began to move ever so slowly up and down, side to side, almost in a pulsating manor as if they were a heart pumping throughout the body life giving blood. This is exactly what the band did for the crowd when they finally made their way out on to the stage.

The closing band goes by the name Catupechu Machu (Gibberish it has no meaning in Spanish). This band has gone through many different sounds in their career, ranging from Hard rock, to Alternative, to Acoustic rock and much much more. As soon as they took to the stage the crowd sprang to life. During certain songs the entire floor area of the stadium was swaying to the melodic sounds, during others they were full of passion as they jumped up and down, thrashing from side to side with the heavy rythmic grooves being formed by the Drums, Bass and Guitar. I was quite please with the level of showmanship that was displayed by the band, the lead singer/guitarist in particular. During the entire show this man held the people in the palm of his hand, with his passionate playing, energetic presence, insightful guitar work, and moving lryical performance.

After about an hour and a half long set list that included many of the bands hits (which was a treat for me since i have their last album and know all of those songs) they retired from the stage leaving a very happy, and satisfied audience of whom i was a member.

-A movement that i have called the backwards toilet flush

Some links to videos of the band...

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