Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Random Pics

I thought i would upload some pictures of my friends for all of you.

One of the many group pics that we take everywhere we go. This one was on Sunday at Mirna's apartment party.

Our good buddy Pablo doing his best Peruvian flute player at the party.

The Czech guy Jakub, he is studying Spanish, but he speaks English so he has been hanging around with us.

Me and my dear friend Abi. Ours is a world where the spontanious self portrait is an art. Like this one from or long 10 hour Saturday service adventure.

Me and my girls in service during the week. Im like the Captain and these are my Sargents.

This is the roof top of our longest serving American expat, Brett. He had an Asado after the meeting on a Sunday. Here is another one of our quick group pic.

Me and some more girls.

A random picture of Jason of Sarah...don't they loo so cute.

Me and my friend Gilda enjoying an ice cream after a long 10 hour day in service.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for some pictures!!!
    I especially like the one where you wrote, "Me and some more girls." It's like by then you were getting bored coming up with a reason for the picture. :P
    You should make some video for youtube for all your american people, like you did for the argentinians when you were up here.
    Yup, give me an inch and I want a mile. It looks cool down there. We'd love to hear some service experiences.
    Miss you.