Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And...im sick

So it took 16 days for it to finally happen. I have been paranoid about it this whole time. I even took extra special measures to ensure that it would not happen again like last time i was here. And yet still despite all of my best efforts i have failed. I have gotten sick!

It started yesterday while i was out looking for some dress shoes without any success (No one in this country seems to be able to comprehend a size 47 aka a 13) when i started feeling i little tickle in my throat. The sinuses had started moving out their unwanted furniture as i like to call it and it was all heading straight into my throat. By time i got to the hall i was already in pain and getting crabby. Last night trying to get my body to sleep through the pain was hard sell. I did finally manage to drop off into the dark unknown paradise that is unconscienceness. When i woke up today i found that it had begun to migrate from my throat and chest back into my sinuses. After pushing through the day really craving some spicy food (Argentines fear spicy food like death it self and therefore have none in their county) i managed to make it to now.

Being sick is nowhere near as fun when all you have is your laptop. The distress caused by a lack of a TV when you are sick can not be put down into words. And to top things off our power went out today for about an hour. Which took with it our internet router aka my window to the world. So that was no fun.

I believe the culprits here are the same ones back home that get me...allergens. I have come to the conclusion that my body was quite confused for the last 2 weeks. I just came from the brutal Chicago winter, where everything and anything that has life in it goes into a kind of near death like states that fails to be remedied until the spring. Then i come here where summer is in full bloom. With everything floating around it was only a matter of time before i came down with a bad case of summer allergies.

But as i said i knew it was coming and i prepared myself as best as i could. Last year when i came here for the second time i found out the hard way that everything in my first apartment made me sick. I came with perfectly clear skin and within 4 days i looked like a 14 year old kid who mans the deep fryer at the local Burger King. I discerned the culprit was nonother than my beautifull blanket and pillow set which were made from real down feathers. After spending the first whole month sleeping on my sweater and using just the top sheet i finally cleared up and moved into a new place. Once agian i was enticed by the alure of the sweet sweet pillows that found there and sure enough...boom pizza face again. So that story having been told this time around i wanted to make sure that did not happen again. I went and bought a Fleece blanket from target (Best 18 bucks ever) and brought a hypoallergenic pillow with my in my bag. Now seeing as i needed to pack enough for 3 months in another country into a backpack, one suitcase, a messanger bag, and a guitar case, i didn't have a ton of room to spare here. But it was worth the effort. As for the last 2 weeks i have had a beautiful blanket and pillow to rest my weary head upon when i sleep. I plan on leaving them here with my roommate Ryan for when i come back down in the late summer/fall for a year.

Seeing as i have started rambling again (i am a creative person we tend to do that when we write) i am going to end this entry here and say i hope you enjoyed this little story. And i hope that this horrible entry has not turned you off from reading my blog.



  1. Hey, sorry you're sick.
    We're trying a new thing this year (new to me at least) to combat allergies: POLLEN! Sounds counter-productive I know, but the theory is if you expose your body to small amounts of the allergen, your body can get used to it and you won't have the horrible reactions to the real deal. Maybe do some research online, cuz you have to use the pollen that is normal for the area you live in (or will be visiting)
    I'm also not sure if it works once you already have allergies.
    Hope this helps at all, even if only to show you that we care how you are feeling.
    I'll have a slideshow up soon of our Hindi assembly on thezandme.
    ciao... erm... I mean feer milenge!

  2. Well. I am VERY turned off reading this blog because you rambled. I am also offended, and very MAD. XD I hope you feel better and get to enjoy the rest of your time in Argentina. And RATS! Its like here too. No spicy food. Its like food without joy. I brought down some seriously strong red curry, and I am surviving. (that stuff is good on everything! including eggs.) OH and our supermarket just got some mexican stuff its pretty amazing, and it IS spicy. !!!! So, Paraguay 1, Argentina, 0.