Thursday, March 11, 2010

BAF (Buenos Aires Fashion Week)

When you are living in the "Paris of South America" it is inevitable that you will end up going to see the latest the fashion world has to offer. Here in Buenos Aires, this occurs every year during Buenos Aires Fashion Week. What follows are some pictures of me and some friends enjoying our day at BAF week. Never before in history has there been a grander display of the worlds most impractical, outlandish, and down right freaky textiles, that after slapping an outrageous price tag on, are then passed off as clothing. I hope you enjoy.

Perfect timing, i had just finished picking my nose.

I felt like passing a jar around the audience with a sticker on it that says "Feed the Models".

Ever heard of red shirt photography? Look it up and you will see why this picture is so cool...

I am still trying to figure that out.

Getting ready to be shot by firing squad.


There are those moments here when you realize just how far from home you really are. This map with my friends pointing to their respective home towns demonstrates this all to well.

Buying an absurdly ugly hat just because its from BAF week: $250.00

Getting Gilda to wear it, take a glamor shot with it, then getting yelled at by the personnel for doing so: Priceless

Oh i miss Crystal...the only hippie i ever came to love...and that's saying a lot from me because i hate hippies. We all miss you.

I love the makeup this girl is wearing. I hear its all the rage on the cattle ranches of Texas.

Sometimes its simply amazing how thieves will breaking someones house (in this case Crystal's) steal your clothes, sell them to BAF Week, and then dress a manikin in them.


This is the factory where Crystal was made...this is an incomplete unit that is the same model as she is...its amazing to think this is how our friend started out.

I know that i am a tall guy...but this is getting a little bit...Mad.

Talk about going down the rabbit hole...

After i came through this door i did indeed find it to be a mad, mad world.

(This is from the Alice in Wonderland exhibit)


  1. Sounds interesting after the fact. =)

  2. nick you're hilarious! love your BAFWEEK piece...